Located at the lowest place on earth, across The Great Syria-African Rift and between the Judean and Jordanian desert mountains, The Dead Sea is a natural oasis of beauty and relaxation, world famous for its holistic benefits to one’s well-being and truly an extraordinary place, filled with natural wonders.

The Dead Sea gained its name because there are no living organisms in its water, due to the extremely high level of salinity, making living underwater impossible. Constant shortage of water supply and millions of years of slow but steady evaporation resulted in a graduate increase of the Dead Sea’s salinity level with the highest rate of solubilization. These days the percentage of the salt level in the Dead Sea is at almost 34%, making it one of the four saltiest water sources upon earth.

The Dead Sea’s water is highly enriched with minerals such as Bromide, Magnesium and Potassium. Its shores produce large deposits of the Dead Sea mud, highly rich with minerals, world known for their many benefits to one’s skin and well-being since ancient times.

The healing virtues of the Dead Sea minerals is one of the many reasons why, for hundreds and thousands of years, The Dead Sea has been a pilgrimage for countless of travelers with skin conditions who look to cure their body while enjoying a most pleasant holiday. Its location at the lowest point on earth makes The Dead Sea the perfect spot for a safe sun bathing, which is the common treatment for many skin diseases. The long distance the sun radiation has to travel before reaching the Dead Sea surface involves extra 430 meters of air with the highest rate of condensation. Although it may feel awfully dry to you, the incredible constant evaporation process of the Dead Sea creates a steady mist of 200-300 meters height above the sea level, which naturally filters harmful sun radiation, which enables a safe sun bathing in the many solariums, located in the Dead Sea’s shores. click for further details on the Dead Sea

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