H&B Health and Beauty Ltd. was established in 2006 by Hadara Ben Bassat who aspired to provide high quality cosmetics from the Dead Sea in affordable prices, making it possible for anyone who desires it to enjoy the world famous benefits of the Dead Sea to one’s well being, without breaking a savings account.

The demand grew quickly and not too long after, the company started providing H&B’s cosmetics to all the hotels and SPAs located in the Dead Sea, and spreading its distribution range to all across the country, From Eilat in the south to Katzrin in the North.

The great demand made it possible for the company to grow significantly, and think outside of the box, or more specifically – outside of the country, and thus the International Commerce Department was created in 2008. Since then, the market grew incredibly for H&B Ltd, serving a fast growing circle of clientele from over 70 countries all over the globe. The cosmetics are sold at department stores, pharmacies, drug stores, SPA, specialty stores, perfumeries, Duty Free, travel retail and more.

What makes H&B Health and Beauty Ltd such a great success?

  • Safe ingredients for your safe care

All H&B’s cosmetics are based on the minerals from the Dead Sea, highly enriched with vitamins and essential, natural oils, an incredible combination of high quality ingredients which are set to achieve the ultimate goal of a healthy and glowing skin. All the products are 100% Bunny Friendly, certified by the Israeli Ministry of Health and manufactured in accordance to international production regulations including ISO 22716, GMP and the European Regulation 1223/2009. With over 200 different items in our production line, we’re able to meet with the skin, body and hair care needs and quality demands of men, women and children in Israel and the international community.

  • We Listen To YOU

Our International department staff has put itself available to its fast growing circle of satisfied clients from all over the world in all methods of communication: Phone, email, Skype, airmail and more. Our motto, in addition to the company’s, is to provide high quality service and to do our very best to answer all your needs.

Among our efforts stands the great R&D consistent work, in order to provide you and your clients with new, high quality cosmetics, as well as improving our existing products, to fulfill all of your needs in all the categories – skin, body and hair. Another is our ability to maintain competitive by keeping our high quality products in consumer friendly prices, making the collaboration worthwhile to both H&B, our clients and theirs.

H&B products undergo a full safety procedure to comply with the Israeli and International requirements and regulations before they are introduced to customers.

Our products are tested in international approved laboratories to test  certify the top quality of the products .

H&B Products are top sellers in the Israeli Dead Sea market and are sold in more than 70 countries around the world

The H&B collection of  SKIN CARE, BODY CARE & HAIR CARE Dead Sea Products, brings you the ultimate spectrum of exceptional qualities of the Dead Sea and Minerals.

We welcome you to join in and discover our products to you, your clients, your family and everyone that would like to discover the benefits from the nature’s mysterious wonder called DEAD SEA.